On St. Patrick’s Day 1999 the House of Sellassie, Fons et Origo Honorum Aethiopiae, founded by H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I, King of Kings of Ethiopia, the Lion of Judah, and under the executive administration of H.I.H. Princess Esther Sellasie-Antohin, summoned the Sept of the Knight de Bryan, Sodality of the Ark International, institutionally affiliated with The Clans of Ireland, Ltd., administrative organization of all Irish clans, to serve as The Noble Corporation of the Knights de Bryan, Honour Guard of the Imperial House of Sellassie.

 It should be noted that a noble corporation, al it shares many of the historical attributes and functions of a Chivalric Order, is nevertheless distinct from Chivalric Orders in many ways.  It is the performance of dynastic duties that ennobles a Knight de Bryan, tesserae nobilitatis ex officio.

 The Meritorious Ethiopian Order of the Lion of Judah was subsequently founded and lodged within The Noble Corporation of the Knights de Bryan, Honour Guard of the House of Sellassie, which accepted responsibility for conferring it on individuals deemed of merit by the House of Sellassie.  Men and women of African Heritage, who through their accomplishments in the professions, the arts, academics, sports, entertainment, religion and journalism have brought lustre and honor to the African Diaspora are nominated for the conferral of this honor.

 At present the Honour Guard of the House of Sellassie is engaged in two primary service projects: (1) development of the Sellassie Y2K Children of Jah internet coordinated Reggae concerts with funds dedicated to war relief efforts for the children of both sides of the Ethio-Eritrean conflict; (2) in its function as the Sodality of the Ark International (cf. http://www.restorationfoundation.com) advancement of the Restoration/Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church outreach into the African Diaspora. The Restoration movement, an international, non-political, transdenominational movement to restore the Hebraic Biblical foundations of Christianity, is spiritually and philosophically assisted in its African outreach program by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church, the only authentically African Christianity never filtered through European thought processes.  The objectives of the Restoration Foundation, whose fall issue of its quarterly Restore! will feature Princess Esther and articles by a wide spectrum of African American religious leadership.
 The Noble Corporation of the Knights de Bryan, Honour Guard of the Imperial House of Sellassie, is currently open to nominations for cooptation, with North American, Scandinavian, Persian, Francophone, and Middle Eastern Commanderies.  A commandery for the African Diaspora, to include the Caribbean, and Central and South America , is under preparation.

 Individuals, men and women equally, may submit a brief autobiography - no nick-names/full mailing address –in petition for nomination.  Evidence of personal commitment to the humanitarian and cultural work of the House of Sellassie should be included.  Petitions may be addressed to e-mail: cabrhm@hotmail.com

The Chevalier Sir Charles Bryant-Abraham, PhD
Secretary General of the House of Sellassie

If you are a Bryan, Bryant or a descendant of, please e-mail your petitions to:

The Chevalier Sir Guy N. Bryan, KdB, FSAI, MEOLJ, Praefectus Primus Gentis Bryan

Chieftain of Clan Bryan, Sept of the Knights de Bryan

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